Sunday, June 13, 2010

83. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry

Sometimes a girl just needs a nice piece of jewelry. My trip to San Francisco was a momentous occasion for many reasons. It was my first time on the west coast, it was my first time venturing out on my own in a completely unknown area, and it was my first business trip. My boss and I decided to do a little shopping which included a trip to Tiffany & Co., during which I found this beautiful necklace. I thought of this "task" and how this would be a great way to commemorate my new career. But, I figured I should sleep on it. The next day I knew I had to have the necklace, but when I went back, they were closed. So sad, but it will take more than that to keep us down. My boss thought it was a wonderful idea to get the necklace to remember my first big trip, so as a consolation, on my second big trip (to Chicago, just last week), we emerged from our meeting and trekked straight down the Magnificent Mile to the nearest Tiffany's.

I am now the happy owner of this beautiful necklace. I love it. It is simple enough to wear often, but yet unique. I love that the symbol resembles a "infinity" sign (yes, I am that much of a nerd) and that I was able to buy it on one of my early business trips. Success!

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