Sunday, May 30, 2010

15. Go on a picnic

After kayaking for a few hours, I was ready for some sustenance. Enter, picnic time! So this might not be the most glamorous picnic feast, but it has a bit more character. Except for a couple obvious items (Laughing Cow Cheese and peanut butter), everything was bought that morning at the local farmers' market. We had lots of fruit, some veggies, and a delicious loaf of bread that was all fresh and delicious. Happy Memorial Day, weekend!

45. Float the river

When I started this list "the river" was the Shenandoah. Now, around two and a half years later, I've had some big changes in my life, including a move to another part of the state. Now, "the river" is the Potomac, so when I set off with a friend to have some Memorial Day weekend fun, I thought why not check this off the list!

During some exploring several weeks ago, I came across a marina that rented canoes and kayaks that you could take out into the marshy areas on the Potomac River just north of Mt. Vernon. And so, we set out with plenty of sunscreen and a picnic lunch (gotta love combining 101 tasks, see next post!), and off we went.

It was very relaxing and lot of fun, and the weather was lovely (though a bit more overcast than I had hoped). The marsh lands were not something I had ever been familiar with before, and so paddling around was really interesting. We saw all sorts of beautiful birds, including a crane and a hawk doing some fishing, as well as some turtles sunning themselves (unfortunately, my camera skills were not as swift as my rowing skills). The foliage was very different and had a sort of calming influence. It was hard to believe that we were only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of D.C.

59. Go to California

This list has been about broadening my horizons, but figuratively and literally. When I visited my friend K. in Houston, Texas, I traveled further west than I had ever been. Almost a year later, I flew to Colorado, branching out even further west. And, then, at the beginning of May, I traveled as far west as possible while staying in the continental United States... hello, San Francisco!

View from the street car

When I accepted the position that I currently hold, I was informed that there would be some traveling. I couldn't wait! So, when my first trip was scheduled for San Francisco, California on May 3, I was so excited. In addition to being a successful trip work-wise, I was able to tour the city and see some sites on my own.

This was a new experience all the way around. A new place, a new time zone, and a new feel. Never before, I had I traveled for work, or gone off exploring in a completely unfamiliar area all by myself. It was sort of empowering and made me realize that I am officially a grown up now. And I think I can handle it.

Visiting San Francisco got me excited for more traveling, both for work and for play.