Tuesday, February 17, 2009

14. Make fondue

If it wasn't for the Best Friend, I'm pretty sure I would have slacked off majorly on this 101 project, if not given it up entirely. It has been really nice to have each other as constant motivation as well as someone to collaborate with on some of the tasks. We have previously had one designated 101 weekend, where we got together and tackled a few of our tasks that we figured would be more fun in tandem. So when her Hubs decided to go on a trip during Valentines Day weekend we figured it was an opportune time to get together again. So she invited another one of her friends (who we have since converted to the 101 way of life) and we planned a fabulous weekend full of laughing, catching up, Disney, drinking, and of course... fondue!

After some slight alterations to the recipe (due to ingredient constraints) we made some fabulously delicious cheese fondue. It was grand. Insert a few of our favorite Disney animated films and wala, it's an hour or so later and we were ready for round two! Now if you ask me, it is a sin to do fondue and not do chocolate. So chocolate we did. So easy, so scrumptous.
All in all the fondue was just a high point of a very wonderful weekend with the girls.

Side note: If I ever get married, a fondue pot will be the first thing on the registry.

Monday, February 9, 2009

80. Visit my sister at college

If you hadn't noticed, I'm pretty close with my little sis. So, when she flew from the nest to head to college I knew I would miss her. She survived her first semester, and as the second semester got started I promised I would make the trek down to see her in Charlottesville. It was so great to see her in her new environment and to see her growing up.

We had a great time tooling around campus and the downtown area. It was fun reliving the college life and hanging out with some of her new friends. I am sure this was only the first of many visits.