Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In progress...

Just a little sneak peek at what's going on behind the scenes of this 101 adventure.

2. Flatten my tummy. So this has been an on going process. But I have become much better about going to the gym and watching what I eat. I have noticed a VERY slight difference, but hey, girl's gotta start somewhere! Hopefully there will be a pic of my abs of steel so very soon.
7. Pay off my credit cards. Slowly but surely, this one is coming along. It has been really difficult not to get overly frustrated with this one, but sometimes you just never know what will come up (you gotta love family like that). And I am chipping away at this. I have no definite idea of when I will be able to check this off, but to help me not get angry and to keep me on track I have the following posted in my office now, with a running tally of the balance as it goes down.

29. Learn how to drive a stick shift. I have been debating about checking this off the list. I have had two "lessons" (one of the guys in the fire department pretty much put me behind the wheel and said drive home... yikes, real roads!). Both of them went quite well except for a couple minor lurches and a stalling out situation at the bottom of a hilly driveway (luckily no one was coming). So while I have a working knowledge of what I'm doing, I'm not quite comfortable enough where I feel this is something I could do on my own (without someone saying ok, clutch, brake, shift into 3rd, now let off it). Soon, though, very soon...
78. Go through and clean out all my hair and make up products. Last weekend in a fit of "MY HOUSE IS A MESS HELP!" I decided to tackle the hair and makeup products. It was not pretty. However, I am in the home stretch and I believe after this weekend (if I can find something to do with all my hair ties... any suggestions?) I will be able to check this off.
79. Organize jewelry. I hate jewelry boxes. They always look like something in my great grandmother's closet and they just don't do it for me. I also have found that keeping my jewelry in my non-ventilated bathroom (it's an old house) is leading to do some deterioration... not good. So I am on a quest to figure out just what to do with all this jewelry (there isn't a great amount of it, but I have some pretty big items such as bangles and big bauble necklaces). Again suggestions are welcome.

Not to mention the date has been written in (with pen) for a fabulous 101 weekend with the Best Friend. Stay tuned for a plethora of posts in mid October. It will be a fun time for all!

Monday, September 8, 2008

91. Print out all my digital pictures

I really do enjoy taking pictures. I like knowing that I can look back on all the fun times or sit down with someone and show them all the fabulous life experiences I've had. Unfortunately, with the dawn of digital photography I have no motivation to print these pictures out. They sit in the camera, occasionally get downloaded on to my myspace page or emailed to friends and family. But there are no hard copies. And really, there is something to be said about being able to flip through a photo album and reminisce. And so, this weekend, I bit the bullet and took my memory card into the local Walmart. Among some of the treats...

A little pig racing in Houston...

Sunset over the mountains

The Little Sis pimpin' it out on graduation day.

Now I can move on to some other 101 tasks such as scrapbooking and organizing all these great new photographs I have on hand!