Friday, July 30, 2010

23. Hail a taxi

Two years ago when I was living the country life, I'm not sure there even were taxis in my town. Now, however, living in the D.C. metro area, I have taken my fair share of taxi rides. But, they are always schedule rides, with the little yellow cab waiting out front for me at my specified time of arrival. I had never actually hailed a taxi.

There is something about the actually hailing of the cab that makes me smile. Stepping out into the street, hand held high, face forward looking as confident as possible. I mean, how Sex and the City is that? This week, I spent a few days in New Orleans for work. My boss took me down to the French Quarter so that I could fully experience all that New Orleans had to offer. And man was it an experience! As we started to wind down and were ready to head back to the hotel she asked if I wanted to call or just flag down a cab. It was the moment of truth... how much of my nerdy self could I reveal to my boss? But, then again, there are only 60 days left in the 101, and who knows when the taxi opportunity will present itself again. So, I asked her, if she would mind if I not only hailed the cab, but if she would take a picture of me doing it. She fully obliged and we set out.

It was quite the moment. I had no trouble hailing the taxi, but I also seemed to be cheesing it up more than my normal smiley self. Ah well. It worked. And our friendly taxi driver even commented on my zealous hailing skills. A pro already.

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Katie W said...

I love this! Hailing takes guts and a certain confidence (both of which I think I lack). Well done doll!!!