Tuesday, December 16, 2008

63. Try a new recipe once a week for a month

Part of my new living arrangement includes being responsible for dinner once a week. Now if that doesn't lend into my 101 I don't know what does! Granted being "responsible for dinner" just means I need to ensure there are edible substances available in evening, but because of this 101 task I have totally stepped up to the plate.

For my first meal, I stole an old favorite from the Best Friend and made pesto gnocci with chicken and asparagus. As my uncle would say "Yum-O!"

I got a little adventurous on week 2 and went without a recipe *gasp*! Lucky for me, my days as a waitress in a mexican restaurant paid off and the chicken and lime soup also earned a "Yum-O!"

Of course the recipe-less evening only lasted one night and by week 3 I was clicking my way through websites only to find another "Yum-O" worthy recipe. Now I am a huge fan of breakfast for dinner and the scrambled eggs with borsin and peas, ham, and homefries really hit the spot.

I went back to what I knew on week 4 and used the leftover potatoes to make a friend's cheesy ranch potatoes with hamburgers (this was done with the help of my uncle since I have yet to complete the task of learning to grill... but work with people I'm learning!).

Now let me just say the fun has only just begun. I have since made lasagna; spinach, tomato, onion, and goat cheese quesadillas; and homemade doughnuts! This is definitely a 101 task that has paid off. And my future husband will be so thankful ;)

71. Send the little sister a care package at college

Anyone who has gone away from home for any length of time knows how great it is to receive a care package. While in college it is easy to get the Charlie Brown syndrome when you check your mail box each day after class. I remember those days, so as a part of my 101 I knew I needed to include sending the sis something special.

So when she asked that I send her one of my formal dresses I figured it was the perfect time to send some extra goodies her way. I could have packed a million and one things, but my box was only so big so while it contained a lot of love, it contained a little of the following:

Warm Delights
Individual Oatmeal
and of course... a Hallmark card :)

Two Month Hiatus

As I sit and ponder my 101 progress I quickly realize that, yikes, it has been two months since I last posted! Do not be deceived, dear people, for I have been a busy girl and have many updates to make in the next week or so. Though the blogging may have ceased momentarily, the 101 must gone on, and it did!

In the past two months I have moved to a new area code, started a new job, and made some grand progress on the 101 front. So stay tuned because there is certainly more to come!