Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The List

  1. Go on a cruise
  2. Flatten my tummy
  3. Learn to grill meat
  4. Take a road trip and stop along the way to take photos
  5. Travel to Colorado (10/12/09)
  6. Learn to play the guitar
  7. Pay off my credit card (01/15/09)
  8. Throw a party (08/02/08)
  9. Finish the quilt I started for T. (12/21/09)
  10. Read a classic lit book that I haven’t read before
  11. Start a scrapbook documentation of this list
  12. Make a conscious effort to eat more slowly for a week
  13. Write a letter or card once a week for a month
  14. Make fondue (02/14/09)
  15. Go on a picnic (05/29/10)
  16. Go on a hike (04/15/09)
  17. Go back to school (07/02/09)
  18. Concoct my own cocktail
  19. Run a 5K
  20. Create a soundtrack for my life
  21. Paint a picture that I will display in my house (10/11/08)
  22. Go sailing
  23. Hail a taxi (07/28/10)
  24. Plant a tree
  25. Write a personal mission statement (05/21/08)
  26. Get a professional massage (05/24/09)
  27. Work at a soup kitchen
  28. Eat an entire meal with chopsticks
  29. Learn how to drive a stick shift (12/28/08)
  30. Be a bridesmaid (07/12/08)
  31. Read the entire Bible
  32. Journal once a week for a month
  33. Have my picture taken with my sis for our parents
  34. Have a piece of my writing published
  35. Watch a sunrise (07/20/2008)
  36. Watch a sunset (09/01/10)
  37. Be at a job for one full year (04/01/08)
  38. Open a savings account (01/01/09)
  39. Go to a professional football game (11/15/09)
  40. Decide what is the next step (05/16/08)
  41. Buy a nice television
  42. Compile all birthdays in a google calendar (01/02/08)
  43. Make a concerted effort to be completely positive for a week (08/20/10)
  44. Read the Bible every night for a week
  45. Float the river (05/29/10)
  46. Visit K. and M.'s new apartment (05/29/08)
  47. Visit K. and D. in Houston (03/08/08)
  48. See my sister off to college (08/21/08)
  49. Talk to my sister about all the things she needs to know before she leaves for college (05/22/08)
  50. Put together an in-case-of-emergency car kit (07/01/10)
  51. Go to a wine tasting (06/07/08)
  52. Set up a system for recycling at home (04/07/08)
  53. Make a "happy box" (10/13/08)
  54. Knit or crochet a scarf
  55. Write a book
  56. Make a new friend (04/10/08)
  57. Keep my dining room table clear for eating for two weeks(02/04/08)
  58. Do yoga twice a week for a month
  59. Go to California (05/04/10)
  60. Plan a big fundraiser with the high school youth group (06/01/08)
  61. Ride a horse (10/31/09)
  62. Eat veggies once a day for a week (08/13/10)
  63. Try a new recipe every week for a month (12/15/08)
  64. Go to a rodeo (03/10/08)
  65. Bake and decorate a fabulous non-birthday cake (03/20/10)
  66. Go paddle boating
  67. Buy a bouquet of flowers for myself
  68. Learn to juggle
  69. Kiss under the mistletoe
  70. Plan a fire and rescue event at the library(06/14/08)
  71. Send my sister a care package at college (11/11/08)
  72. Set up a rainy day fund consisting of at least 3 months salary.
  73. Have mom and sister over for dinner (01/23/08)
  74. Have my grandparents over for dinner
  75. Get a desk and organize it (01/03/08)
  76. Go to the zoo (05/31/10)
  77. Spend a day going through a museum (04/20/09)
  78. Go through and clean out all my hair and makeup products (02/07/10)
  79. Organize my jewelry (02/04/10)
  80. Visit my sister at college (02/07/09)
  81. Read a biography of someone I don't know much about (02/13/08)
  82. Buy a fire extinguisher for my house (01/12/08)
  83. Buy myself a nice piece of jewelry just for the heck of it (06/11/10)
  84. Give a friend a fabulous surprise gift(03/20/10)
  85. Go bowling
  86. Stay in bed all day and go out for a fabulous dinner
  87. Go to a make your own pottery place
  88. Splurge on a great pair of jeans that fit
  89. Go to the gym every day for a week (except Sunday)(07/06/08)
  90. Take a mental health day for myself, with absolutely no agenda (12/11/09)
  91. Print out my digital pictures (09/05/08)
  92. Organize all my printed pictures in photo albums and/or scrapbooks (02/11/10)
  93. Complete a full bottle of vitamins instead of buying them and forgetting about them(06/16/08)
  94. Have a yard sale and donate everything that doesn't sell (08/08/09)
  95. Take a random art or dance class for fun (10/16/09)
  96. Start and finish a scrapbook (02/10/10)
  97. Get a safe deposit box for valuable documents
  98. Take a self defense class.
  99. Buy a more gas efficient vehicle (10/04/08)
  100. Go to a play or opera (03/05/09)
  101. Set up a meeting with K. to review our success after 1001 days! (08/25/10)

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