Tuesday, October 27, 2009

95. Take a random art or dance class for fun

And I have totally opened up Pandora's box. After some exploring in downtown Alexandria, I discovered this neat little bead store. Inside are two floors of beads in every color, shape, and material imaginable. They also offer classes at a very reasonable price. You buy the materials and they let you use their tools, so you can get the hang of things, and if you absolutely hate it you aren't out a ton of money in tools that you'll never use again. I figure I just could not pass up such an opportunity.

So I signed up and after two hours I had an array of earrings which I plan to give to my sister and all her roommates for Christmas (thus the blue and orange, UVA colors).

I then took my new found skills home and made some wine charms for a friend for her birthday.

I am very pleased with my new skill and am excited to take another class and start making even more wonderful trinkets!

5. Travel to Colorado

Ok, so I cheated, but only slightly. The original task was "travel to California." But, the premise behind it was to get off the east coast and travel westward beyond Wild, Wonderful West Virginia, and see a state that I've always wanted to see. And so, when the opportunity arose to visit some friends in Colorado, I jumped on it and decided to mark this as complete.

Really, not much can be said about this trip. It was amazing, like nothing I had ever seen. I got to spend time with one of my new friends (yet another re-checking off of that task) as we hiked our butts off around western Colorado and Utah. One thing this trip did do for me, is to instill in me a desire to see the rest of great country. The diversities of the earth just between the two oceans is miraculous!

And so, since a picture is worth the thousand words that I don't have... here you go.